Saturday, November 30, 2013

Reading about...Matrix Series

The Matrix Series consists of five books written by Val Valerian. Some of the content from these books has been extrapolated into element of the various plots from the Matrix films made and directed by the Wachowski siblings. Most of the information sourced (as these books are considered non-fiction) is taken out of context from its original form. Of course, this is far from a new revelation when it comes to studio made, million dollar films. But more to the point here is these books are well conceived, crafted and  written conspiracy theories which are epic is scope.

So for sake of argument, if these books turned out to be non-fiction and the wool of reality has been pulled over the eyes of the human race regarding almost everything, it is a game changer. (Ironically enough, Valerian refers to our human reality that we are floating out way through as The Game.) But let's assume what is written in these books is more accurately assigned as fiction or even science fiction. They are the most elaborately detailed stories I've read in a long time. Once you get over the provocative themes (lots of alien stuff in them), they unfold and deepen in plot, detail & philosophy.

One of the oddest facts about these books which I have trouble resolving is that they are expensive to buy and hard to get your hands on. Are they that important? Or not important at all? I'm not sure, but I have really enjoyed this rabbit hole I'm been running down lately.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Retro Movie Moments - The Serpent and the Rainbow

Before all that zombie money was helping to run Hollywood, we had Bill Pullman running around Haiti trying to find the chemical compound to turns people into zombies (while not getting turned into one himself). This was based on a pretty dry nonfiction book of the same title which was turned into this outlandish movie, barely resembled the source material at all.

So yes, you are correct. This is not a documentary.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Retro Movie Moments - Quadrophenia

Be you Mod or be you Rocker, it is hard to dislike this film and harder still not to break out your Who albums a day or two later. Quadrophenia straddles the realm between being bound for a time capsule while also managing to tell the timeless tale of youth, rebellion & breaking free from the cold comfort of conformity.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Smoke It, Stream It - The American

It is hard to escape the black hole which is the infectious charm of Mr. George Clooney. So I was a bit fascinated with The American simply because the character Clooney plays is stripped of the expected hallmark attributes of his usual roles. The man he plays is both haunted and hunted throughout the plot. However, the tension is broken by the sheer beauty of the Italian country side and the narrow Roman streets where much of the action occurs. This film is directed by Anton Corbijn who did the equally gorgeous and gloomy Control. Another film about a doomed individual who you want to prevail, but know won't.

On several occasions while watching this, I was reminded of The Passenger, which is a superior film. You do need to be ready for some existentialism and Jack Nicholson when you blaze-up/sit down and watch it. The American is a good get-stoned-on-a-Sunday-afternoon movie with little angst afterwards, leaving only the faintest of faint impression by the time the credits roll. You'll barely remember you watched it at all.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jarmusch Vamps It Up

I have been watching Jim Jarmusch films since I was in high school. He was my first genuine introduction to independent films and turned me on to the music of Tom Waits, Screaming Jay Hawkins and The Lounge Lizards. I've seen pretty much everything he has made and I cannot fathom what kind of a nice, boring person I would have developed into if I had not discovered his films.

Only Lovers Left Alive is Jim Jarmusch's take on the vampire tale and I hope it is as cool as Larry Fessenden's Habit.