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I originally wanted to do a monthly get together with some good friends, good weed, good food and a great movie. I was excited to play projectionist at home & turning people on to some amazing films. So what happened? It all started to sound like a hassle. All those people at my place. My dope all smoked up. It was so perfect in my mind, it was bound to get ruined. But the name was too good to let go of, so I thought, why not a blog?

Welcome to Marijuana Movie Night.

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The Trouble With Troll (I & II)

Truth be told, after watching Troll I & Troll II, I have been a little blocked writing about the whole experience. So, as best I can, I am going to try and recreate my experience.

Marijuana Movie Night headed down to a sister's place in OB for a 4th of July viewing and barbecue. I only brought the essentials: meat, gram of KC Jones, and the Troll Double Feature DVD.

A few fact and rules are established in the first movie. Trolls are dedicated vegetarians.

They have the power to turn people into trees as wooded areas are their preferred habitat. They need humans to eat their laced food, usually something neon green and nausating looking, in order to change them into vegetables so they can eat them. Nilbog is their town and if you don't believe it, you better try spelling it backwards. The trolls are disgusted by any consumption of meat. When the trolls are (spolier alert!) in their human appearing guise, they are either preaching about the evils of meat eating or trying to make more humans into vegetables to eat. Are you still with me?

Troll II gets off and running with the Waits family moving to Nilbog. Young Joshua suspects things are not what they appear to be in Nilbog. And we are basically off and running with some weird witch-like character,a semi-erotic corn cob scene, a dead grandfather visting from beyond the grave to help, many more trolls, and scene after scene of actors so bad you wonder if there were auditions or this group of people were just pulled out of line at the DMV and handed scripts.

Through the hazy perception of my weed addled brain and the herky jerky lumbering of the plot, I did wonder how many little people ended up working on this film. It was probably a good gig considering all they needed to do was dress up as trolls and walk towards the camera.

I say go watch this, but keep your pipe close and your remote closer because their are some scenes so stupefying they will require an extra viewing to assure what you did see actually happened.

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