Marijuana Movie Night

I originally wanted to do a monthly get together with some good friends, good weed, good food and a great movie. I was excited to play projectionist at home & turning people on to some amazing films. So what happened? It all started to sound like a hassle. All those people at my place. My dope all smoked up. It was so perfect in my mind, it was bound to get ruined. But the name was too good to let go of, so I thought, why not a blog?

Welcome to Marijuana Movie Night.

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6 Over - Coming Soon

Before I took off with the rest of the riders to head to the party, I overheard one of the guys from Dice Magazine talking about the film they'd shot recently. He hopes to set up screenings in some of the major urban areas around the country. I hope it happens. I want to see this. Pure motorcycle porn and beautifully shot. This is my little part in helping spread the good word. Where are the distributors & investors when you need them? 

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